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You build a wall...

More work on WIP Book 2 this morning, including a certain amount of scavenging of the pre-draft:

There's at least one scene in the next chapter that I just need to restructure - one of the characters is arguing a point, but her arguments are out of order, so that'll need fixing - so over the next couple of days I'll hopefully hit 10K or thereabout.

I always find good instrumental music helps me when I'm writing; I've got four or five albums - primarily of familiar game soundtracks - which I can put on to just totally block out any environmental noise and distractions, and I've just got a new one: the Bastion soundtrack. I'm loving Bastion at the moment - not only is it immensely pretty, it does some clever things with narrative, and the soundtrack's awesome.

I'd still have to recommend you play the game before listening to the soundtrack, since there are implied spoilers in a couple of the tracks, but if you don't think you're going to be playing it any time soon, jump on that link and take a listen. It's superb.
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