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- My good friend and co-conspirator Gareth has just been shortlisted for the Wales Blog Awards for Best Writing, and if you were to pay a flying visit to I Saw Elvis I think you'd agree that it's pretty damn great. And if you do agree, it just so happens that there's a People's Choice award just begging for your vote:

We're also threatening to do terrible things to the erstwhile Mister Davies if he were to win, under the Twitter hashtag #voteisawelvis. So far he's threatened with marriage and having his superb best-man speech posted to Youtube. Spreading of the word and/or further threats appreciated!

- Since I last pimped Postcards From Lepari I've kept to my target, posting a two-minute piece of audio fiction every day. Now I'm in the swing of things with that I'm hoping to start rolling out a bit more varied content as well as the daily postcard, interesting bits and pieces about the art of cuisine, fun facts that pop up during my research, and maybe even some elaboration on a couple of the Leparien concepts raised by the postcards.

Thanks to everyone who's supported this endeavour, and I hope to provide you with snapshots of my city for quite some time to come.
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